The foundation of Let’s Do It Together is built on the components we refer to as our 4 pillars.

We Educate.    We Advocate.    We Engage.    We Collaborate.

Every initiative and activity we undertake stems from one or more of these characteristics. By remaining focused on the essential characteristics of our work, we are able to make a tangible difference in our community and with our fellow residents.


From our Leadership Academy and activities in schools during Black History Month, to providing resources to businesses that lead to greater equity in the workplace, We Educate.


From our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Conference workshops and discussions, to our community outreach with service organizations, businesses, and individuals, We Engage.


From speaking out on behalf of the underrepresented and disadvantaged people in our community to pushing for legislative and policy changes in city, county and state, We Advocate.


From the programs we conduct in local schools and corporations, to partnerships we undertake with foundations, non-profits, religious groups and local governments, We Collaborate.