Diversity Equity & Inclusion Conference

Our second annual Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Conference is took place at the Dennis A. Wicker Civic Center on Wednesday, March 20, 2024. The Let’s Do It Together Foundation brought together key community stakeholders, local government officials, and DEI experts in an educational environment where we could talk further about recommendations provided in the Sanford Equity Task Force report.

Whether you were a human resource expert, business owner & operator, entrepreneur, employee, or non-profit organization, everyone could benefit from our theme of “Building Connections that Create Belonging.” The better we became at forging meaningful connections within our community, the more each of us could assist one another and create a stronger community.

Sanford’s DEI Conference sought to provide attendees with the tools they need to help create a work culture where all individuals are valued. Our conference showcased DEI experts at a time of unprecedented growth in our area.  As Sanford, Lee County, and North Carolina continue to attract companies from all over the world, it was the perfect time for diversity, equity, and inclusion to become commonplace. When we build meaningful connections together, our community benefits.

The Let’s Do It Together DEI Conference included speakers, panel discussions, and workshops on topics that impact organizational DEI success. Please click here for our conference agenda.  If you would like access to all of the presentations, please click here to register for our 2024 DEI Conference passport.  Our conference may be over but there is still time to benefit from everything that was shared in this special environment.