Let's Do It Together Leadership Academy

The Let’s Do It Together Foundation’s inaugural Leadership Academy begins in early February 2024. Please follow our group’s progress at the LDIT Facebook page.

LDIT Leadership Academy will empower and educate members of underserved communities to prepare for present and future opportunities and to better understand how they can participate in processes that will help to improve the quality of life in our communities. Each class of leaders attends 6-8 sessions during the program year. Sessions will include presentations, tours, activities, and facilitated dialogue to educate emerging leaders about challenges and opportunities facing Lee County.

Topics in the Leadership Academy curriculum include . . .

The goal is for each participant to work to turn knowledge into action and to realize ways that they can add value to their community by simply being fully engaged!
  • Why your leadership matters to your community. A look at economic development in Lee County, including a tour of some of Lee County’s industries.
  • Personal Inventory with coaching towards goals and action planning
  • Government—participants have a chance to meet with local government officials & attend a City Council and or County Commissioner’s meeting.
  • Parliamentary Procedure and how Boards work
  • SAGA, the Chamber and understanding Economic Growth
  • Leadership in Public Education – A look at Lee County’s public education system, what our schools are offering and CCCC programs
  • Recreation and play: A tour of area parks and attractions for families.
  • Nurturing your entrepreneur spirit

A way to provide diversity and opportunity in leadership for all citizens

The Task Force recognized the need for more diversity in every aspect of city and county government. It was noted that minorities were often underrepresented on local boards and were unaware of opportunities available to them. While the local Chamber has a Leadership Sanford program, the tuition is a barrier that prevents some members of the community from participating. This program is designed to not only share information about community organizations, but it is also designed to encourage and prepare emerging leaders for expanded roles in Sanford/Lee County.