Community Leader Mental Health First Aid Training

When law enforcement and emergency professionals are engaging a person in the midst of a mental health crisis, it is essential that they understand the signals and deploy effective techniques.

Crisis Intervention Trainings (CIT) is a well-known and recommended practice for law enforcement and emergency personnel to effectively equip first responders with intervention and de-escalation techniques during a mental health crisis response. This opportunity is made available for individuals in first responder positions.  There is a strong need and desire to equip community members with intervention techniques and a better understanding of signals, when an individual is suffering from mental illness. Therefore, the Sanford Equity Task Force is proposing a community leader crisis intervention and prevention training course.

The CIT training has been offered through a collaborative effort between Central Carolina Community College and Sandhills Center, a Local Management Entity-Managed Care Organization serving Lee County. CIT consists of a partnership which includes law enforcement, mental health and health care providers, educational organizations, and advocacy groups for the purpose of training, communication, and enhanced service delivery in dealing with mental health consumers. The part-time Community Connections Coordinator position will coordinate with the Sandhills Center to provide this training for civilians. Expected attendees would include those individuals who may interact with mentally ill individuals prior to, after, or during crisis. This would include school counselors, teachers, school administrators, pastors, ministers, attorneys, medical professionals, social workers, employers, and other community advocates.